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Did you ever see Gorgeous George masturbate? Rumors were that was supposed to be some sort of apology or appeal to Macho. I remember 6 months to a year before that being excited at seeing Chastity's adult erotic film. I was eager & curious to see George's newest endeavor. But it would elude me. All these years and I still have not seen it. I believe I also heard that Beulah dabbled or did an adult film. Been to lazy to google and confirm.


I’ve seen it all. Beulah did a Penthouse spread but I have no idea if she did video of any kind. Gorgeous George’s thing was wild, because it was before I had high speed internet, and it was this shitty, choppy, blurry video, but she sure did masturbate. It wasn’t anything special.

I should also add that Tylene Buck is a solid conversationalist and a nice person.

Beulah did do a fantastic fapping vid